Rockets fall apart against Lakers, lose series 4-1

It isn't that the Rockets lost to the Lakers. It's that they stopped even being competitive with them.

The tone of Game 5 was established at the outset as the Rockets fell behind 33-11 and despite a few rallies, the Rockets never recovered and their season is over after a 4-1 series loss.

A long, tough offseason now begins.

The Rockets did nothing to change their fate once the fourth quarter of Game 3 started. The loss of Daniel House Jr. was huge, but it's inexplicable how the Rockets couldn't adjust to the Lakers' smallball lineups and new-found ability to hit threes.

It was clear Russell Westbrook was not the same player in the playoffs -- not even close, actually. The trade was probably on of, if not the, worst in franchise history, but it's maddening that the Rockets didn't see the Russ they got for most of the season.

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