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"We didn't lose because [McGrady] wasn't there. We lost because we were inept offensively."

    -- Jeff Van Gundy on the Rockets shooting 28% without T-Mac in the second half of an 82-74 loss to Utah

"I am disgusted and mad and angry and all of that stuff, but at the same time I'm not going to hang my head. I'm 25 years old, I've got a lot of years in this game and I will be back. All of this stuff I'm going through, it's only going to make me tougher. I will never fold. Regardless of being bounced out of the first round, I will be back, my team will be back, and we will back better and stronger."

    -- Tracy McGrady

"I know this about my brother, and I think anybody who knows him -- they know that he has great integrity and great honesty, and if he said something happened, then it happened."

    -- Stan Van Gundy on brother Jeff

"It's a shame. We just saw the replay, and his two feet were out of bounds. So what do you do? The whole bench saw it. He had two feet out of bounds."

    -- Jon Barry on Michael Finley's strip in Game 5

"I think McGrady is the most talented, skilled player in the NBA today. I think he's better than Kobe and I think he's better than Garnett. What he does with the basketball, with his size, I think he's incredible. Now, what I love about McGrady is that I knew he could be a good defensive player, but I didn't think he wanted to be a good defensive player. What he is doing to Nowitzki on the defensive end is as impressive as what he's doing offensively."

    -- Denver Nuggets coach George Karl

"It's going to be a terrific series. It's good for the state of Texas. It's good for basketball. You got a lot of terrific players on both teams."

    -- Dallas Mavericks coach Avery Johnson before the Rockets-Mavericks first round series

"The PA announcer here says 'McGrady for two', and I think he just has a tape he plugs in [and plays over and over]. I really feel sorry for the Jazz."

"We have so many nice guys on our team with so many great personalities; [Sura] is not one of those guys. Bob doesn't care about anybody on the opposing team. He just comes to play. He doesn't care about officials or if things aren't going his way. I mean, he's a dog, man. He's a true warrior. I found that out when he dislocated his fingers (in Miami). It looked nasty. I didn't think he could play. He suited up the next game (in Boston) and was real effective."

    -- Tracy McGrady on teammate Bobby Sura

"Other than probably Shaq, he's as good a center as any in the league. I don't understand all the negative things being written about [Yao]. Big guys, other than absolute rarities like Shaq, take longer to develop. Unfortunately, the only one they compare him to is Shaq. His game is not the same. It's more finesse. So he'll probably always have those detractors, but you put him up for trade and watch [the] 29 GMs saying he's not as good as he should be ... jump to get him."

    -- Miami Heat coach Stan Van Gundy on the criticism Yao Ming has received in his third season

"I am having the most fun of my career with this team, that is for sure. It helps to be playing with two great players. Anytime you get a chance to do that, it's great. It makes the game a lot easier with those two guys and it also helps to be winning. It’s always fun when you’re winning."

    -- Bobby Sura, after the Rockets beat the Pacers 91-83 in Indiana, on playing with Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady.

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